One Black Bear

One Black Bear

One Black Bear have been involved with the B-Hive initiative since the very beginning. Working closely with Rob and Ollie to conceive the name, identity, campaign creative and all marketing activity, cross-media.

As champions of the fair city of Birmingham and its creative pedigree, One Black Bear are firm and vociferous advocates of B-Hive and the good work it does in putting Birmingham on the map for graduates. 


Innovate. Create. Solve.

Or, in long-hand if you prefer, One Black Bear creates digital business solutions using innovation and robust technology. Our client roster is stacked with household names and up-and-coming firms of all sizes that get the combination of creativity, skill and pragmatism present in the One Black Bear studio.

Reality is, people mostly DO judge a book by its cover

Even though they probably shouldn't. First contact with any brand for most consumers today is via digital means. That’s why we take the user experience and design process deadly seriously. Every detail is taken care of and no stone is left unturned by our dedicated design and UX specialists, whose perfectionism borders on the obsessive. The user comes first and delivering the best possible experience to users is always our primary concern.

Building your vision in lines of code 

That's where the integrated nature of One Black Bear really kicks in. Designers and developers work, live, laugh, fight and cry together from inception to completion ensuring ideas and concepts are workable in reality.

Our team of developers, who live and breathe code, have years of practical experience building enterprise-level web sites and applications. This coupled with a drive and desire to break boundaries means innovation and excellence is standard-issue at One Black Bear.

Whether it's reworking your website, increasing your visibility in search, creating online advertising, deploying targeted email, navigating complex analytics or even the best use of social web, we have the experts on hand who know how.

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