Text size

To increase the text size:

  • Internet Explorer: View > Text size 
  • Firefox: View > Text size 

Alternatively hold CTRL (Mac users press Command) and the press the plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the text accordingly.

Font smoothing

To enable font smoothing on your Windows computer to automatically smooth the edges of on-screen text, making it easier to read on modern monitors:

  • Right-click in an open area of the desktop and click "Properties."
  • Click the "Appearance" tab, then click the "Effects" button.
  • Put a check in the box labeled "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts," then "ClearType."
  • Click "OK" to close each open window.

Standards compliance

This website aims to conform to:

  • W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1 
  • Priority 1 and 2 Guidelines 
  • HTML 5
  • CSS2

Structure and presentation have been separated - the HTML documents contain the text that you see on the screen and some structural tags (for example, <font> tags are not used on this website).

All text is assigned a relative font size - this means that you can resize the text if you want to (see above).

All informational images have been assigned descriptive ALT text and decorative images are either relegated to the CSS document or have a null ALT attribute.

Browser compatibility

This website has been tested to offer the full functionality on Windows and Macintosh on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and up
  • Firefox 3 and up
  • Safari 3 and up
  • Google Chrome
  • Screen sizes ranging from 1024x768 pixels and upwards

This website relies on CSS2, which is unsupported by IE 4 and below and Netscape 4 and below. It can still be accessed on these browsers but with no styling applied to the pages. The decision to use CSS2 was taken due to the very small number of Internet users browsing with these older versions (now less than 1%).

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