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Industry Insight with Jo Mathers

Posted 29th January 2010

Welcome to the Industry Insights section of B-Hive. Over the next few months we will be interviewing some of Birmingham’s most successful PR, Marketing, Creative and Digital professionals – the B-Hive employers!

Today we’re interviewing Jo Mathers, PR Director at Seal with a little help from 

How did you get into this industry? 

Unfortunately when I was looking to break into PR, the media courses weren’t worth the paper that they were written on. Instead I did a post-graduate PA diploma where I learnt to touch type and take short-hand, both invaluable skills to have. I chose the course because there was an opportunity to do a work placement at either the BBC or Central ITV and my original dream was to work in television. I was lucky enough to land a placement at Central which eventually led to full time job in their press office. From there I worked my way up from captioning photographs and made the leap to a PR agency in Nottingham. Working extremely hard paid off and I quickly found myself progressing from junior account executive upwards.

Our brief this year is to encourage Birmingham residents and businesses to go green, have you introduced any changes at Seal?

Nowadays having a Corporate Social Responsibility policy isn’t a nice to have but a must have. It’s vital that a business looks at its responsibility and impact on the neighbourhood in which it operates. Having a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, however, has to be more than simply words you must make sure it is a workable policy that you can achieve and live up to. In the last 12 months Seal has examined its policy closely and are proud that it includes environmental measures. The changes that we have introduced at Seal are small but workable solutions that go some way to reducing our impact on the environment, for example we have banned plastic cups for the water machine and now print double sided and recycle all our paper waste.

Twitter Question:
What advice can you give to a graduate when finding their first PR job?

Get involved in B-Hive! Do everything you can to gain experience, maximise your holidays by applying and gaining invaluable work experience, become a member of CIPR and whilst at University don’t be a spectator but write for the student newspapers or help organise their events. This is an extremely competitive profession and you have to shine if you want to succeed. 

Up next is Mike Kalin from RBH - check the website next week to hear his thoughts on Marketing and Communications.

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