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Top Tips For Getting Ahead

Posted 5th March 2010

Want to get ahead in the creative sector? Well you’re in the right place; we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand by offering top tips and useful contacts! 

Apply for the B-Hive Scheme! 

As a student looking to start work in Birmingham’s creative industry you can’t afford not to take part in B-Hive. Attempting to get your foot on such a competitive career ladder is incredibly daunting, but B-Hive offers you the unique opportunity of showcasing your talents to the very people you want to impress! To consider entering B-Hive you must already be passionate about either Marketing, Public Relations, Web Design or Graphic Design so that’s a good start! All of the companies involved will be looking for that extra spark which makes you stand out from the crowd – so what can you do to ensure that you sparkle? 

Do your research! 

As simple as it sounds you must never enter an interview without having first gained a proper understanding of the company and its strategies. Nowadays, most creative companies have an accessible website where you can examine their case studies, learn about their clients and consider their company aims. Most companies want to help graduates succeed and many regularly offer advice on graduate websites including B-Hive. All of our B-Hive employers are taking part in a series of written and filmed interviews which will be posted right here on the B-Hive website! Billed as ‘Industry Insights’ these interviews will offer you crucial hints from the very people who may decide to employ you. New interviews will be posted right up to the presentations so don’t forget to keep checking! 

Social Media
The rise of social media means that many creative companies now have a strong online presence and by simply following them online you can become more familiar with their campaigns and strategies. There are lots of different ways to interact with companies online, you can follow them on Twitter, add them on Facebook or follow their blog posts. We at B-Hive want to make things easier for you so we’ve done all the hard work and compiled a list of the B-Hive employers and useful organisations Twitter accounts, look out for that post coming soon. Now you have no excuse not to follow them! 

Get involved! 

Gaining industry experience can be difficult but don’t despair if you haven’t managed to get any, getting involved with your university also counts as great experience. There are multiple ways to get creative experience whilst at university, write for your student magazine, join the student web team or help plan the university balls and functions. Don’t dismiss this experience just because it isn’t based at a professional organisations, many employers value this experience as they feel it demonstrates your drive, ambition and ability to work hard. Obviously industry experience will maximise your employability so don’t be afraid to ask around. By being more proactive you are more likely to gain placements.

Be Yourself! 

Finally be yourself! If you’ve already done all of the above then you will already be a desirable candidate so have confidence and show them who you are. Personality can be just as important as experience because no employer wants to hire someone who won’t fit in with the company! So walk in with a smile and it could make all the difference.

We hope this helps, we understand that it’s a tough industry to crack but believe in yourself and we’ll believe in you too! Keep checking the website for our list of those all important Twitter details.

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