Abigail Bills

Abigail entered into two categories and smashed her presentations to earn placements at the following:

McCann Birmingham

1. How did you find the B-Hive experience?

I found the hive experience terrifying but exciting. The idea of presenting my ideas infront of a panel of judges who are professionals in their field of work was a scary yet rewarding experience. To get the critique and positive comments i received was confidence boosting and showed me my own strengths in presenting. Its definitely good practice for presenting to clients past university.

2. What advice would you offer to future applicants of the programme?

Enter your work into as many categories as you can! you never know, you will surprise yourself where your work stands out - and it won't necessarily be in the categories you think. Its worth getting as many people to see your work as possible. Get noticed!!

3. How did you feel when you found out you won a placement?

I was extremely proud of myself for putting in the work and confirming to myself that it does pay off. I was extremely excited to get more agency experience in order to figure out where my placement is in the design world.

4. What are the main advantages you think you have gained from doing a placement?

Receiving second to none advice from design professionals on how to approach tasks, clients and briefs. I have also experienced different areas of design, such as branding, marketing and UX design.

5. Having done a placement, what do you think of them? Are they valuable?

Placements are an absolute necessity! If you are looking to get into the world of design, get as many placements as you possibly can to stand out from your competition! You need to be able to show that you have taken the initiative to get this first hand experience and show potential employers that you are valuable and have experience others may not.