Aimee Chapman

1. How did you find the B-Hive experience?
The experience from B-Hive has been extremely beneficial. It has given me experience within the industry to learn techniques and meet people that I would not of before. Designers gave me an insight into what real work is like.

2. What advice would you offer to future applicants of the programme?
Just don't be scared! I felt very nervous before the two presentations I had to do. The people all want you to do well and are so friendly. Throw yourself in at the deep end. I was surprised with the outcome.

3. How did you feel when you found out you won a placement?
I was so shocked! I really didn’t think I'd done that well. The judges are looking for you to want the placement and show your personality.

4. What are the main advantages you think you have gained from doing a placement?
It gives you a paid opportunity in a real life work experience. This is unheard of for the design industry and was such an amazing win.

5. Having done a placement, what do you think of them? Are they valuable?
They are extremely valuable. At the time the travelling or thought of doing work outside of uni may seem extra, however what I gained from the experience was invaluable.