Bethan Dutton

1. How did you find the B-Hive experience?

The b-hive experience has been great, it has given me the opportunity to not only gain experience and confidence with presenting my ideas. But to also network with managing directors from some of the top graphic design agencies. B-hive has allowed me to process into the real world of graphic design, which can be a very big jump from a university education.

2. What advice would you offer to future applicants of the programme?

Give it a go, I was very apprehensive to send my idea off to b-hive. But sending my submission off was the best thing I ever did. As it led to the great experience I had, even if it was a bit terrifying at first. 

3. How did you feel when you found out you won a placement?

Surprised, my presentation went good and I was pleased with how it went. But I knew other people who were presenting that day and I loved their work, so I didn't really think I had a chance. It shows hard work and great ideas does win overall.

4. What are the main advantages you think you have gained from doing a placement?

I feel that when it comes to the end of my final year, where I have to go into the working environment. I will know what it's like, and what is expected of me. It will be a better stepping stone for me to go into, it's better than not knowing what it's going to be like.

5. Having done a placement, what do you think of them? Are they valuable?

They are very valuable, you will never get that experience anywhere else. I feel every student needs some work experience, without these you won't know what the industry is like within the field you want to go into. I also had the great opportunity with one to one with my managing director, that looked at my CV, portfolio and helped me market myself better to other agencies.