Claire Hollingworth

"I found the b_hive experience to be great not only did it give me a taste of working on a live brief, but it has also helped me with my presentation skills and confidence skill when talking about my own work. I would encourage anyone even if they aren’t from a directly creative past to have a go at it as it can really open a few doors.

I would say to future competitors to take their time really getting to know the brief make sure they have covered all points and most importantly create something they love not what their tutors have told them to do.

I was really surprised and didn’t think I had a chance at winning as I was super nervous in the presentation, to hear my name called was such a confidence boost, it was really nice to get some recognition for my work. 

Main advantages include contacts, also just having experience of agency life has definitely made me more aware of what skills are needed to get the job.

Defiantly valuable its something I can write on my cv it was also nice to meet people who do what I want to do and hopefully contact them in the future if needed."