Claudia Miguel

Claudia had this to say about her time with B-Hive:

"Initially, I found myself really scared of the whole initiative, if I’m honest. Coming up with my own original PR ideas was a fun but yet challenging process, and in the back of my head I knew, that if I got through the first stage, that I would have to present my ideas by myself and to a cohort of severe professional practitioners - two things that I had never done before. The prospect of that was really daunting at first. Having said this, I’ve found that overall the B-Hive experience has made me a more confident individual and forced me to become more social and network more with professionals.

My advice to any and all prospective applicants is to just do it! It might seem like unnecessary workload, on top of an already piling workload (from university) - but it’s worth it. The process is hard, but yet rewarding and offers an invaluable insight into the world of work.

I knew I was up against five really talented students (all of which I happened to study PR with), and when I found out I had won placements I was shocked but over the moon - it proved to me that if I set my mind to something, I can achieve it (which might sound cliché, but is so true)!

For me, the main advantage of my placements was that I was able to apply all that I had learned at university in the past two years into practice. I was able to work in a real PR environment and not only further develop my existing skills, but also learn new ones. The placements helped me identify what I wasn’t so good at and allowed me to work on this at the next placement (if that makes sense)!

Having done the placements, I would say that what I have taken away from them is invaluable. I was able to work alongside people who have been in the industry for years and learn from them. The placements also acted as a test drive for my future and made me realised that this is the industry I want to go in post-university!"

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