Felicity Hall

It was really good experience, although I worked alone on the project when I presented to the panel and attended the awards night it felt like I was part of a great team of creators, and it was really interesting to see other peoples interpretations of the projects. The brief felt very professional, and felt very much like one that would be given in the industry. I recommend b-hive 100%, not only is it an amazing experience to gain presenting to a panel of creative directors, but the brief gave me a real taster of what working in the industry would actually be like. And I was lucky enough to be awarded a placement, so that alone should be a reason why people should do it. It's hard to get noticed by agencies, so this was such a good platform for that.

I never win anything so I was actually so surprised and winning made me feel really proud of the work I'd done and made me believe in myself a bit more. Learning about the way agencies operate, each one is different so it was great to have a glimpse into how things are run, then gaining feedback from creative directors on my ideas and concept generation was really valuable, and also discovering how quickly agencies work to get work done. All things that you only learn from experiencing it. Placements are the most valuable thing a creative student can do, it's a chance to see if you'd like to work in that kind of environment, and also you can get away with asking silly questions, theres not the pressure that is there once you get a permanent job!