Henry & Nora

Nora had this to say about B-Hive

1. How did you find the B-Hive experience?

It was an absolute blast! It’s a really good teaser in terms of what to expect in the real world. With the brief only asking you to spend a maximum of two days working on the ideas to actually presenting it to a panel of creatives. The brief was also written in a very basic format, which made us work even harder to come up with something.. not so basic?

2. What advice would you offer to future applicants of the programme?

Just do it! Honestly its worth a shot, because if you do win a placement or two, its something creative related to add to your CV. It also helps build up your confidence and its good practice. (Doesn’t hurt to add it in your portfolio too!)

3. How did you feel when you found out you won a placement?

“Wait, what?!” … it’s a bigger shock when you find out you won six. (I still don't get how.)

4. What are the main advantages you think you have gained from doing a placement?

Experience! Along with a few extra projects to add to my portfolio. The connections you make and feedback you get are also extremely valuable. One more thing, during uni, whatever you work on, you’re usually the client and its (to a certain extent) an idealistic world. But as soon as you step into an agency and talk to some people you really start to understand how different it is when clients actually have a say in ideas, it’s not a bad thing but it really is different to what we are used to at university.

5. Having done a placement, what do you think of them? Are they valuable?

Placements are fun, they expect you to be very creative and come up with the weirdest things. They don't want safe, nor do they want an idea they can come up with. So it gives you room to really explore ideas and insight, it also pushes you to do that. Having so many creative people around you (and coffee) really helps to do that. They really are valuable and they also help in making you figure out what route you want to take as a creative. Especially if you’re the “i like everything” kind. (thats me…)