Jenny Middleton

"I entered the B-Hive competition in March 2012. I’d never heard of it before and hate to think that I nearly missed out. The competition was to answer a creative brief for Visit Birmingham. My campaign began as above the line but I soon realised it had transformed to be very digitally driven. The people at B-Hive saw this and entered me into the digital category and I’m so glad they did. From this point B-Hive has provided me with some invaluable experiences, the most valuable being work placements including two weeks here with LHM media.

The realisation of Digital advertising being a direction I might take, has been a journey from fine art to graphic design, specialising in advertising and now focusing even more on digital and looking into the future. Through this journey the most valuable thing I have learnt is the importance of a good idea. Never put style over substance. This knowledge crosses all areas of design, especially within digital. Whatever you create has to be worthwhile and provide something more than just looking pretty.

It’s become so much clearer to me what life in an agency could be like (all good from LHM). I’ve loved my time here, LHM is a rare and wonderful place to work, with lovely people and more importantly the baking of LHMmmm on a Friday, which I entered cautiously, competing against Steve’s Victoria Sponge.

In such a short space of time I’ve gained so much from my placement, learning the creative side as well as the account handling and social media; it’s been a wonderful two weeks. I encourage everyone to enter B-Hive."