Joseph Taylor

"In an increasingly complicated world of interviews, job searching and career finding, B-Hive is a stand out opportunity that lets any student really dig deep into their own creative thoughts and strategic processes, to answer a brief.

I would tell any student to do B-Hive based on the fact that nothing else is going to give you the chance to pitch to actual heads of business. It gave me a lot of confidence and pride, as what I created was solely from myself and meant I knew I could produce or at least have an idea of what is needed for this type of work in the industry.

I now work in an advertising agency in London and B-Hive made me stand out in my interview. Something like this may not be recognised directly by your potential new employees but it gave them a question to ask me, which I knew they would not ask anyone else. I could talk about B-Hive and what I had accomplished, and it was a defining factor in me getting a job before I'd graduated.

Meeting people from other universities and meeting people who work in an industry is so vital. Knowing people is often half the battle and getting to learn things from your pitch will give you a boost that not many others will have. 

Simply put, do B-Hive! Enjoy the process whether successful or not and give them something that you can be proud of because you will never know what may come of it unless you try."