Katie Eccles

The experience of B-Hive has enhanced my future career, boosted my confidence and made me grow as a person. The process helped me practice pitching my designs in front of a panel and mixing with potential employees on the evening. Even though this may sound scary to some, this was a great night to speak to people outside of university with a drink in your hand and just chat about design. The whole atmosphere of B-Hive was welcoming and when I found out I won, I was ecstatic! 

I have completed my two week placement at 383, located in the Jewellery Quarter. 383 are a company who continue to grow with innovative ideas digital based designs. Spending time with Karl, Sam and Morgan along with the rest of the company, made me feel so at home. My time was spent with all areas of 383, learning as much as I could and it was the best two weeks of my design career to date. From the placement, they taught me how to go through processes to produce a final outcome, new design software to experiment with and how to work with multiple teams. 

Now I have finished the placement, I am still in contact with Karl, the Head of Design, as he has offered to mentor me for my final year at university and to work closely with the team. This is really exciting and just shows the connections entering B-Hive can create for you.  

My advice for future applicants would be when handing in your presentation, keep it simple with limited words in each slide and make sure your work reflects you, as that is what the panel is looking for the most.