Kimberley Anne Bishop

Kimberley achieved a placement at Bigdog agency from her amazing work.

1) How did you find the B-Hive experience?

I thoroughly enjoyed the B-Hive competition and overall experience. It allowed me to work towards a real live client brief and gave me the chance to present my work to industry professionals from design agencies in the Midlands area - something I had never done before! 

2) What advice would you offer to future applicants of the programme?

I would recommend anyone to enter the B-Hive competition, 100%. It's an invaluable opportunity for any emerging designer to get involved with, particularly in terms of giving yourself a professional platform to get your work noticed by industry professionals. 

3) How did you feel when you found out you won a placement? 

I was a little overwhelmed at the time, but remember being very excited and pleased to realise I had impressed the judging panel with my entry. I won a one-week paid placement at 'bigdog' as a result, through the competition itself. I got a further two-week paid placement offered to me from 'RBH', after they saw me present at B-Hive!

4) What are the main advantages you think you have gained from the placement? 

Before winning the placement I hadn't ever been to a design studio. So when I won a week's experience at 'bigdog' I was ecstatic - it gave me my first taste of what it was like to work in a studio alongside a team of creatives, on real life briefs with big brand clients. 

5) Having done a placement, what do you think of them? Are they valuable? 

I enjoyed both my placements and learnt so much from them. They were highly valuable in helping me understand my practice and make connections with other designers and agencies in my area.